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Production Center

Advanced Lubrication for Optimal Performance and Protection
High-performance, contemporary DEW engine oils that are tailored to the engine's requirements reduce engine temperatures, minimise friction, and protect the engine's surface from wear. The reliable operation of your engine at all times, in all climatic conditions, is related to the lubrication performance and reliability of the engine oil. DEW engine oils provide energy savings.The loads your engine encounters increase significantly over time throughout its life. Therefore, the need of having high-quality, reliable engine oil has gained great importance.
One of the top names in lubricants industry, DEW, works hard to produce and advance engine oil technology that provides long-term and maximum power. We conduct a series of comprehensive tests for excellent performance in all climate operating conditions. The lubricants we produce are contemplated in the best way to cope with corrosion and wear with less fuel consumption, better protection against oxidation and acid formation.Our machines operate automatically in our filling facilities.
Wide range of engine oils in the most affordable packaging are available for purchase; which will meet the lubrication requirements of high-performance motor cars as well as lower class or new generation vehicles. For larger volume commercial vehicles, we provide 1L, 3L, 4L/5L, and 7L; for heavier trucks, we offer 16L, 18L, and 20L; barrel and IBC packaging styles are available based on engine volume.
Our packages are filled serially; We manufacture many operations such as labeling, serial number, date and coding, counting, lid closing, wastage removal, etc. on the same lines with multiple machines. Our facility has continuously upgraded its equipment and services since it established .
Production Center