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Marketing Sales Network Planning, Production, Shipment

Marketing Sales, Network Planning, Production, Shipment

In the Lubricants export sector, we produce and ship more than 130 types, in more than 500 different packaging types. To make retail sales and distribution in Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Europe in Germany, France, a dealership/marketing system has been established. We aim to expand the dealer channels through this system and increase our marketshare.

Marketing and Sales Responsibilities

Representing the company in the sales regions, reaching the sales targets determined by the sales and marketing policies, conducting joint studies in coordination with the distributors in the region, ensuring that they fulfil the sales process and financial obligations.

A Huge Sales Network with Teammates

Representing the company in responsible sales regions, managing dealership relations, and determined by salesand marketing policies; some one that has experience in lubricants for filters, autospareparts, automotive sectors, have high sales and performance motivation, are prone to teamwork, can manage team, increase sales efficiency, create new distributor dealerships, and fulfil the financial obligations of its distributors in the region.


Our production facility, which consists of quality control laboratory, R&D laboratory, used oil analysis laboratory, supply planning, production, production and shipment planning departments, meets all kinds of product demands from domestic and abroad with the right raw materials and quality products.


Our lubricants, formulated in our laboratories and processed in our production facility, are prepared in our filling and packaging units with proven international quality and reliability, according to the desired litre packaging types (plastic, tin, barrel, IBC, etc.).


A group of packaged products, which have been booked from the stock in our warehouses, are regularly loaded and shipped to the designated addresses on time. With the help of the programs, the tracking list of our planned shipments is shared with each other and displayed on the computer screen.

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